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Kevin Dobbs

Clinical Director
GDC 59457

Dr Kevin Dobbs graduated from the Turner Dental Hospital of Manchester in 1984.

He became a member of the faculty of the Royal College of General Dental practitioners on 13th January 1994.

Dr Dobbs has maintained a Practice in Cheshire since 1986 and has maintained a fully Private Dental Referral Practice in his current location in Daresbury Cheshire since 1999.

He has been a member of the Association of Dental implantology from its inauguration, the American association of Aesthetic dentistry, the British Academy of cosmetic dentistry and the Royal College of General Dental Practitioners.

The Dental Academy in Daresbury Cheshire accepts referrals from over two hundred Professional Colleagues across the North Western of England for all the major Dental Specialities ranging from, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and advanced restorative dentistry to dental implantology. To enable the Academy to service the needs of the referring Professional Dr Dobbs has assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of Practitioners each with a particular interest in an aspect of dental care.

Dr Dobbs main areas of interest are in Dental Implantology and restoration of the severely compromised dentition through the use of multidisciplinary team care. In addition, acting as Clinical Director of the Academy he works to ensure that the highest standards of clinical and personal care are maintained throughout the Academy.

Dr Dobbs first became involved in the field of Dental Implantology when the concept of dental implants were first introduced into the UK in the late 1980’s. At that time he travelled extensively to the United States to see and work alongside some of the pioneers in implant dentistry. He has continued that educational aspect of his implant career and most years sees him travelling world wide to maintain his position as being amongst the vanguard of implant practitioners in the UK. Most recently he has just returned form an opinion leaders meeting held at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden where the concepts of modern dental implantology were first developed.

A well respected implant dentist he was recruited by Boots PLC to assist in the development of one of their dental implant services across their fifty dental practices. In addition he acted as a clinical mentor for Biomet who are one of the leading suppliers of dental implants worldwide. He is currently working with Biomet to provide a personal mentoring service to practitioners looking to improve their clinical implant dentistry.

“As Clinical Director of the Academy I work to ensure that the highest standards of clinical and personal care are maintained throughout the Academy”