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Dental Implants – Why dental implants

It is amazing how new teeth can turn someone’s life around. A perfectly restored smile has the power to fill a person with new energy and lust for life. This is not a fairytale. It happens every day. Just look at the people in our Success Stories.

We provide the dental implants and aesthetic solutions to permanently solve problems of lost or damaged teeth.

One of the many benefits of Dental Implants, is that they can enable you to have immediately functioning teeth in one single session. Some of the main advantages of dental implants over dentures or bridges are:

Improved appearance:

When you lose an entire tooth – crown and root – shrinkage of the jawbone may cause your face to look older. Dental implants can stop this bone loss. A traditional denture or bridge doesn’t.

Maintained natural teeth:

With traditional practices, two teeth adjacent to a missing tooth must be ground down to anchor a bridge. Dental implants often eliminate the need to modify healthy teeth.

Permanent solution:

There are no loose parts to worry about. The implant is stable and comfortable. Normally, it will serve its owner for life.