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Your Guide to Whitening Options

We offer a variety of whitening options to fit your lifestyle and whitening needs. It’s best to consult us before undergoing any whitening treatment as we will diagnose and pre-treat your dental condition(s) prior to whitening to ensure you get the most comfortable and effective treatment.

Ask us today about which whitening system is best for you. We’d love to create a smile you’ll be proud of!


Whitening Product

Whitening Shades & Wear Time


Application Time*

Best For

Procedure Includes



  Combination Custom Trays & Power Bleach Night Wear for 2 weeks and One Office Visit Full-treatment for deep discolouration and long lasting results ·       Custom trays for treatment,
post-care & maintenance·       Take-home whitening gel


In Surgery One Office Visit Single treatment For patients that don’t like trays, for a same day result. ·       In surgery procedure £360


Single use, Disposable trays (10 pairs) Day wear up to 90 minutes. 1 to 2 times per day Travel, Top ups, Quick Starts. No impressions required. ·       Take-home whitening gel £145
Custom-Fitted Trays Day wear
30-60 minutes
2 times a day
10-14 days
& Maintenance
·       Custom trays for treatment, after care & maintenance

·       Take-home whitening gel

10-14 nights
& Maintence
·       Custom trays for treatment, after care & maintenance

·       Take-home whitening gel



  Top up gel As required Maintenance ·       Take home whitening gel

·       Additional Gel for top up treatments


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*Results will vary depending on individual dental condition and duration of treatment. Note: porcelain veneers/restorative treatments will not whiten with the rest of your teeth.